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Etymology of the Jardine Surname

The Jardine name also carries a deeply religious association: throughout history people, places, and events have been named to enhance their significance or honor their remembrance through the significance of the names they were given. The etymology of 'Jardine', meaning Garden, has special significance. In Christianity, we hold three gardens sacred because of the events that transpired in them. Through the Garden of Eden all mankind came into physical existence. Through the Garden of Gethsemane all mankind can be set free from Spiritual Death. And through Christ's victory discovered in the Garden Tomb, all mankind will be physically resurrected. The Fall of Man and subsequent Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ are the most significant events ever to transpire among the family of humanity and in this sense it behooves us all to be 'Jardines, ' du Jardin, or 'of the Garden,' and to remember in our name that our hope in Christ, our literal spiritual lives, have come to us du Jardin, from the Garden.