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Jardines (poicephalus gulielmi) are parrots whose original country was Africa. They are wonderful little parrots, beautiful, playful and feisty. They love their humans. Even if they bite their humans, they still love them! Some of us who live with Jardines refer to the attitude typical of many Jardines as Jattitude!
The Jardine's Parrot has been referred to as the "African Amazon". A little larger than most other Poicephalus (at 10-11"), these relatives of the Redbellys & Senegals do superficially resemble Amazon Parrots, and the resemblance is more than skin deep. Like Amazons, Jardine's tend to be steady of temperament, great talkers, and very playful "party birds".

They differ greatly from the Amazons, however in their lack of the hormonal surges and mood-swings typical of Amazons during the breeding season. Their steadiness of temperament is a real plus in households with noisy children & lots of activity. One breeder-friend described them as "the only bird I know that I can confidently take to a grade school and pass around among 135 children."
Jardine's are said to be "capable of large vocabularies and Grey-Parrot-like accuracy in mimicry." Beyond their potential speaking ability, however, these extremely playful birds are famous for charming their owners with their cute, sideways swaggering gait, their love of lying on their backs (even on branches), their goofy ways and a general love for fun.

Jardine's are native to a broad band that stretches across central Africa. The subspecies we breed (P. g. fanteinsis) hails from the lowland rainforests of the western part of the continent. They are jungle birds, as evidenced by their exotic, musical calls. They are quiet parrots, however, as most poicephalus are, making them a nice choice for apartment and condo dwellers, as well as anyone else for whom sound levels are a consideration.

Jardine's Parrots were virtually unheard of in the pet trade a decade ago, but are quickly gaining popularity these days because of their excellent pet qualites. This is a great bird for anyone wanting a personality parrot with good talking potential and a steady temperament.

There are three subspecies of Jardines. One subspecies is the Black-winged Jardine which is very rare in the United States. Most Black-winged Jardines in the U.S. are in breeding programs. Black-winged Jardines are a little larger than Lesser Jardines and are darker in color.

The Greater Jardine is the largest subspecies. While the Greater is larger in body, it has a beak which is smaller in proportion to its head and body than the beak of the Lesser Jardine which looks comically outsized. The posture of the Lessers tends to be more horizontal than the posture of the more upright-standing Greaters.

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